2018 - Rob Wood

For over 40 years, Rob and his wife, Gay, have lived in town and reared their children, Abby and Anders. Their latest wonderful news is that the first grandchild arrives next month. Lucky child to have these two for grandparents.

When Rob retired as Director of Portland Adult Education, he left a legacy of literacy for scores of adult learners especially the people who arrived in Portland without knowing English. His professional work influenced the lives of countless people who came to the Portland area to live and prosper.

In his chosen hometown of North Yarmouth, that attitude of generosity and giving of self to work toward the larger good was always evident. The list of committees and boards that Rob served on is long and distinguished. Reading it, the educator in him is immediate obvious!

Zoning Board of Appeals 1984-1994

School Based Planning Team, North Yarmouth

Memorial School 1993-1995

Middle School Planning Committee

North Yarmouth Recreation Library Study Committee

The North Yarmouth Events Committee has chosen Rob Wood of Milliken Road as Distinguished Citizen for 2018. Rob has served our town faithfully and well. We are pleased and proud!

North Yarmouth Budget Committee

Member of Select Board 2007-2013, Chair 2012 Pay to Throw Committee

Chair of Communications Committee 2012-2018

But he had fun, too! As a long-time supporter of Fun Day, he hosted killer horseshoe games!

It is impossible to determine which of these was most important, but certainly, the leadership that he showed in establishing the Pay as You Throw recycling program for North Yarmouth must be considered a strong contender. That program, which has resulted in our town consistently placing in the top five recycling communities in the Eco-Maine partnership, has been smoothly integrated into town life. The stage was

thus set that the Garbage-to-Garden program was enthusiastically accepted by the town.

His calm demeanor and frequent smiles make Rob an easy person to work with on a committee. He obviously enjoys working with others and manages, through charm and wit, to bridge differences that may exist.

In his own words: “I enjoy working with the people I live with. I do not have to agree with them, but we do need to live together and improve our community. Working with groups of community members has forced me to listen and consider other people’s perspectives.

It has given me a much wider and richer perspective. I have learned to appreciate almost everyone.” -Rob Wood, 2018

His consistently respectful tone of voice and choice of language speaks to Rob the gentleman, as well as Rob the town leader.

Congratulations! But most of all....