2015 - Dick Brobst

Dick Brobst is North Yarmouth’s 2015 Distinguished Citizen.Dick and Priscilla Brobst came to Maine in 1975 from Newport, Rhode Island. Dick was serving in the Navy, and was posted to the Brunswick Naval Air Station. While exploring the area, Priscilla drove by a pretty house for sale in North Yarmouth on Walnut Hill Road. Thankfully for us, they decided to move in!!

Soon Dick joined North Yarmouth’s Fire Department and served as an active firefighter for many years. He and Priscilla both served as EMTs, too. Currently, Dick is a life member of the North Yarmouth Fire Company, and he continues to volunteer at Fire & Rescue events. (You may find him ladling out generous portions of beans at Bean Supper on Fun Day evening!)

In 1978 Dick filled a need when the town was looking for a representative to Cumberland County’s Emergency Management Agency, and in 1982 it naturally followed that he was appointed North Yarmouth’s Director of Emergency Preparedness. He served in that position until recently.

Dick was a 9-year member of the Board of Selectmen. He was our town’s representative to the Pineland Development Authority. He represents us at Greater Portland Council of Governments, and he is North Yarmouth’s representative to ecomaine.

Wait, there’s more! Dick found time to be a Boy Scout troop leader for 16 years, and he was a district commissioner for the Boy Scouts in both New York and Maine.

The North Yarmouth Congregational Church benefits from his wisdom. The Brobsts have been members since 1975; he and Priscilla have volunteered for many positions at NYCC. Currently Dick is the church’s Moderator.

Dick is a member of the Navy Fleet Reserve Association and is past Commander and current Service Officer of American Legion Post 91.

He has been a volunteer at Maine Medical Center for more than 15 years and a volunteer disaster specialist at the Red Cross for more than 40 years.

And we might also mention that he’s a father of four, a grandfather of six, and a great-grandfather of one lucky little Theo.

Recently, Dick celebrated his 80th birthday surrounded by a crowd of family and friends who came to celebrate and thank him. Far beyond that company there are scores of people who have benefitted from his quiet good deeds, leadership, and dependable presence here in North Yarmouth and beyond.

Thank you, Dick. We are one lucky town!