2012 - Clark and Kathy Whittier

Kathy and Clark Whittier

This year, we are proud to recognize Clark and Kathy Whittier.

The Whittiers have always been busy and involved. For example, about fifty years ago Clark was commissioned by the Air Force on a Saturday, he and Kathy graduated from Colby College on Sunday, were married six days later, and moved to Georgia less than a week after their wedding! It takes a can-do attitude and lots of organization to pull off so many big events in such a short time. Such skills continue to serve them—and our town—very well, indeed.

After several years with the Air Force, Kathy and Clark longed to settle down and call one place home. When they were shown a house at the ‘Y’ (the split of 115 and 9) and Kathy fondly recalled horseback riding in North Yarmouth as a youngster, our town became their new home. Later, they swapped that house for their second residence in town, farther up on Walnut Hill Road.

It wasn’t long before both Kathy and Clark stepped in to volunteer for the town, and they haven’t stopped. Clark’s involvement includes several terms on the Planning Board, Foreclosure Board, Budget Committee, Fire & Rescue Subcommittee, Town Charter Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals. Kathy has served on the Budget Committee, Future Land Committee, and the Communications Subcommittee. Many know Kathy from her column in The Notes; however, her desire to foster communication in our town dates to the 1980s when she helped produce The Gazette, a newsletter that publicized North Yarmouth news, issues, people, and events. (The Gazette reappeared in 2002 as a North Yarmouth Historical Society publication; Kathy is a valued member of the new team.) And she lends her skill as a proofreader to our town’s Annual Reports. Together, they are both active in the Walnut Hill Garden Club; Clark is a master gardener and is most willing to share his knowledge with others.

What makes North Yarmouth a special place? we asked the Whittiers. “The sense of community,” they immediately responded. “And,” they say, “this is a town that works.” Many people come to live here because they enjoy a small town lifestyle, “like us,” they say. Both enjoy a town government that is free of party affiliations. And there is something to be said for knowing so many of the people you run into each day. With a shy glance and a laugh, Kathy admits that she also likes to know what’s going on in her town. She called her involvement “a socially acceptable way to be a busybody”!

We are fortunate to have Clark and Kathy Whittier looking out for us all and keeping us connected. Congratulations to our 2012 distinguished citizens!