2010 - Norm Smith and Don Smith

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we name Norman L. Smith and Donald W. Smith as co-recipients of the 2010 North Yarmouth Distinguished Citizen Award.

Norm and Don have been more than lifelong residents of North Yarmouth. Their service to the town over more than five decades have demonstrated a true dedication to our community. Because of their lifelong association with and involvement in our town, “Smith” and “North Yarmouth” have been synonymous for years! Many people could share stories about unforgettable events involving the Smiths over the years.

Norman L. Smith Norm was widely known as the go-to person in North Yarmouth’s Town Office during the 1970s and 1980s. As Town Clerk, he watched out for the town and its residents. Many recall the personable things that Norm did as part of the job—residents would often get a reminder phone call when their car registration was about to expire, for example; and Norm would take the time to hand deliver town annual reports, door to door. He has always watched the numbers in the Annual Report like a hawk and brings questions to Town Meeting even to this day. Norm has been a member of the North Yarmouth Fire Department for 64 years. For 65 years, he has served on the committe for the North Yarmouth School Fund, an annual scholarships for town youth pursuing higher education. Ever a fiscal watchdog, Norm was a member of the town’s Budget Committee for 25 years. He also served two terms as a selectman for North Yarmouth. He held the positions of Tax Collector, Town Clerk, and Treasurer for twelve years. North Yarmouth has changed and several people now do the job that Norm once did alone. But their helpful and efficient service and their attention to the small details are truly Norm’s legacy. It’s one of the things that makes living in a small town so rewarding.

Thanks, Norm, for setting the standard!

Donald W. Smith Don passed away in December, 2009, but our memories of what he accomplished in his life will always be with us. Widely known as a hunter, Don used the time he spent in the woods around town to continually “take inventory” of our natural resources and to generate ideas for improving or helping the town. One program that was born of his time in the woods was the creation of the Future Land Committee. This committee is charged with locating pieces of property for the town to acquire for conservation and recreational needs, with a specific focus on water access for town residents. Also known for his perambulation of the town boundaries, Don discovered that a Maine state statute required a town official to annually perambulate town boundaries. He quickly volunteered to take over this task and while doing so, located and mapped the coordinates of North Yarmouth’s boundary markers. Don was a long-time selectman and a charter member of the North Yarmouth Fire Department. He started Little League baseball in North Yarmouth and while serving on North Yarmouth’s school board, helped to form MSAD51. Many folks remember him serving as Moderator at Town Meetings. He also served on the Future Land Committee, the Appeals Board, and the Recreation Committee. His service to our town demonstrated that his vision went well beyond personal interests.

Norm and Don Smith are a part of the enduring history of North Yarmouth. Through their long and diverse service history they have made North Yarmouth a better place and have created a great legacy for future generations of town residents.