2009 - Pam Ames and Linc Merrill

With the 2009 nominations NYEC received from the community, it was easy to see that two residents stood out for their sustained contributions to North Yarmouth. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that NYEC awards the 2009 Distinguished Citizen Award with thanks to Pamela C. Ames and Lincoln J. Merrill, Jr.

Pam Ames

Pamela C. Ames It was not surprising that Pam was nominated to receive this award! One of her nominators said it well: “Pam has channeled her energy, talent and management kills into the important town institutions that make North Yarmouth such a great place.” She was cited for her tireless, visionary and inspiring service to Skyline Farm. Another nomination stated that “Pam seems to constantly be volunteering or doing something for someone in the community. Pam goes about this quietly, with a smile but never drawing attention to herself.” Pam’s service did not begin nor end with her work at Skyline Farm. Ongoing since 1976 she has proved time and time again that she is dedicated to help keep North Yarmouth a good place to live. She has served the town in countless civic positions including her work as a member of MSAD #51 School Board of Directors in the 1970s and her later service on the Greely High School Facilities Task Force and Development Advisory Board. She is a regular volunteer at the polls on election days; and in 2008, she was elected to a three-year term of the North Yarmouth Budget Committee. If you have worked with Pam only once, you know that she will give 110% on any task.

Pam is not an ordinary person. Besides actively managing Skyline Farm and attending countless civic meetings, she somehow still finds time to support other organizations in the community. As President of the Walnut Hill Garden Club, she helps maintain four public gardens in North Yarmouth including Wescustogo Hall, Veterans Memorial Garden, the Town Office and Fire Station. She was also one of the founding members of the North Yarmouth Historical Society and is an active member of the North Yarmouth Congregational Church.

Thank you, Pam!

Linc Merrill

Lincoln J Merrill, Jr. Linc Merrill was cited for his contribution to the North Yarmouth Historical Society. It’s a well-known fact that if you ever need to know anything about the history of North Yarmouth, you will always be directed to ask Linc. A lifetime and a long-time board member of the North Yarmouth Historical Society, he co-authored Around North Yarmouth, with Holly Hurd. This Arcadia Publishing book is packed with historic information and photos of the way life used to be in town, gleaned from scores of hours of research. Linc is equally well known for his outstanding record of community service. His interest in serving our town was evident even in his youth when he helped his dad deliver town reports door to door. A North Yarmouth “Who’s Who” list would certainly include his name. He has been an active member of the North Yarmouth Congregational Church since the 1960s; he joined Wescustogo Grange in 1976 and served in many offices including the Master. He was later President of the Wescustogo Hall Association when the Grange’s Hall and land was turned over to the Town of North Yarmouth. He currently serves on the board that oversees the Hall.

There’s more to tell. Linc has been a volunteer member of the North Yarmouth Fire Department, he’s served on the North Yarmouth Board of Selectmen, and was one of the original members of the group that worked to buy and preserve Skyline Farm of which he is a Board Member and now serves as an Advisory Member.

Linc has served the town in a way that will benefit it forever. As an original and sustaining member of the Future Land Committee, he and those who have served with him have put their efforts into acquiring many valuable properties for the public use of North Yarmouth Residents.

Thank you, Linc!