I Spy NY 2020

The I Spy NY event is a fun way to explore North Yarmouth, learn about our great town and have a chance at winning some prizes!


  1. Registration is free - just click here and complete a short Google form. Limit of one team per household.

  2. Event ends at midnight on Labor Day (September 7, 2020)

  3. All items are about/in the Town of North Yarmouth and will be regarding property that is open to the public during daylight hours. Some items can be completed by searching the internet, some will require visiting a location and some will require asking folks who are “in the know”!

  4. You don’t have to complete every item to have a chance at winning a prize.  Prizes include a birthday party at Wescustogo Hall & Community Center, gift cards to local businesses and more. Prizes will be awarded via a lottery where each correct/complete item earns you a chance. The first team drawn gets their choice of prizes.Then a new team will be drawn and choose from the remaining prizes. This will continue until all prizes are gone. Limit of one prize per team.

  5. Completed items can be submitted as follows:on paper (print and drop off at North Yarmouth Town Office drop box or at Wescustogo Hall & Community Center during business hours), via email to ispyny@northyarmouthevents.org (either edit an electronic copy of this document or type your completed items up in an email) or via the online Google form.

  6. The online Google form is very long and the event runs for two months, so you can (and probably should) make multiple form submissions as you go. We will accept the newest submission on any items that you complete more than once.

  7. Photos do not need to include your whole team; just try to get as many in the photo/selfie as you can. Be creative and have fun!

  8. Photos can be posted to the NYEC Facebook page or emailed to ispyny@northyarmouthevents.org. If you do not want your photos shared on the NYEC Instagram and Facebook pages, please say so in your email. When you submit a photo, you must include your team name and the item number.

Click here when you're ready to submit some items. It's a long-running event, so you can do this more than once.

To submit photo items, either:
  • email photo(s) to ispyny@northyarmouthevents.org 
    • include your team name
    • include item number(s)
    • let us know if you do NOT want the photo shared on on the NYEC Facebook or Instagram accounts
  • post your photo(s) directly to our Facebook page.
    • include your team name
    • include item number(s)

If you have any questions or technical issues, please email ispyny@northyarmouthevents.org